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March 29, 2010, 9:33 pm
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I realize I’ve gone missing for several days. My husband unexpectedly ended up in the hospital last weekend. He’s home now but we still don’t know what’s wrong. Once things start to settle, I’ll be back.


Sample Sale!
March 23, 2010, 11:54 am
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Hi everyone! Just wanted to share that the Sail-The-Seven V-neck from Anthropologie (that I believe is sold-out online) is currently being sold in a Dear Creatures sample sale on SWIRL by DailyCandy. It’s $88.00 from Anthropologie and only $49.00 on SWIRL. It’s free to register with SWIRL if you aren’t already a member. Good luck picking one up if you wanted one 🙂

March 23, 2010, 11:38 am
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Balletomane Tank – $39.95 (currently on sale)

At first glance on I wasn’t sure if this top would be right for me. Then I saw it  on Kim and Roxy and figured I should give it a chance. The morning that it went on sale, I ordered one hoping that it would fit (my local store never had it in stock and I didn’t have an opportunity to try it on). I love the soft tulle that drapes over the jersey fabric. The ruffles and flower are well constructed and I don’t have to worry about the top falling apart. I was a little surprised that the top was a little tight around the chest area (despite me being larger than average). I did like the longer length. Petites might find it a bit long, but they would be able to pair it with leggings. Overall, I love the top and suggest you pick one up if you get the chance!

Daisy’s Story
March 22, 2010, 8:52 am
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My husband and I had wanted a dog for a long time. We would always talk about it and when things got really serious, it was always “is this the right time?, can we handle it? do we have enough time to give to another pet? how will we work out taking care of it?” and the list goes on. Our biggest concern was we share one car and have opposite school (and work) schedules. How were we going to do it?

Well, last June I decided to wander online to check out our local animal services agency and look at their dog photos online. I was looking at younger dogs (less than 3 years old) and no more than about 20 lbs because we live in an apartment. I must have emailed my husband 8 different doggy bios. My husband ended up saying he really liked a couple of them and we could go see them in person. We ended up going to the place and it was heartbreaking. I couldn’t really go in the back where all the dogs were. My husband looked around at all the dogs and came back to me. He couldn’t find a puppy that I had emailed him about. We managed to track her down. She was still in quarantine in another room. We got access to go back and see her, but unlike the other dogs, we couldn’t touch her or hold her. She was crouched in the back of a metal crate with three other puppies (her brothers) and a larger black dog (that we assume might have been the mom). I only stayed and saw her a moment. My husband went out and talked and we decided we would place a “hold” on her. This was placed because she was still in quarantine and wasn’t quite available for adoption. So, we grabbed a little numbered ticket and began to wander amongst 30 other people in the lobby waiting to be called to the front desk… I started to freak out when I saw a lady holding the puppy’s ID number in her hand, as if she were going to place her on hold for adoption. I freaked out and my husband did a little too when he saw it. In the midst of all the anxiousness, we decided if the other lady was called to the desk before us, then the puppy wasn’t meant to be ours. Of course, I was praying for this not to be the case, especially because the lady had a couple of extremely obnoxious children who were treating the lobby like a playground (and she was too busy chatting on her cell phone and talking to a friend to care). Well, we got lucky! The lady didn’t even have a number ticket because they had run out. We were eventually called up to the desk and placed the hold on the puppy. We were told to come back the following day before 2 pm, or the next person who placed a hold would have “second dibs.” 

We ended up arriving around opening time the following day. I admit, I don’t think I was ever so nervous or excited! She was handed to my husband and I over the front desk counter. All I remember is holding the puppy and looking in her eyes and telling her “you stinky” and her little tail started wagging. After a nice long bath to get rid of all her fleas, we brought her to meet my family. My grandmother came up with the name Daisy and we thought it was fitting. She’s been an angel and a little monster ever since and we couldn’t love her more. While my husband and I didn’t originally plan on getting a puppy, we’ve definitely learned how hard it can be to take care of one! 

Stay tuned for Tabby’s story next!

Tulip’s Story
March 21, 2010, 8:59 am
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I’m not sure how people can take in an animal only to not care for it or abandon it…

My brother was running some errands and stopped in a parking lot around noon on Friday. He came to the horrible discovery that someone left 8 kittens in a small carrier that was left with the door open. My brother found 7 of them alive and well. One of them unfortunately did not make it because of the door to the carrier being opened and it venturing out. I cried when my brother was telling me what happened because who could have dumped these poor kittens like this and then leave the door open knowing they would wander out and probably suffer an accident! But, my brother wasn’t going to let the others suffer the same fate. He brought them to his home and took care of each one of them throughout the night and the following morning. He and a neighbor managed to locate a county facility who told them they would accept them because they had no kittens, and wouldn’t put them to sleep if they were in good health and had a good temperament. Well, all the kittens were in good health and obviously had great temperaments, they are only about four weeks old! My brother, the neighbor, and my husband, all went to drop them off at the county facility that was willing to accept them. If I was able to, I would have kept them all. Each one was so different in personality and unique in their looks! I told my husband that he could make the decision as to whether or not we would expand our little family. Needless to say, my husband came home with Tulip! She was the runt of the litter and almost half the size of her siblings. She is extremely sweet and with some scratching, will start purring within a minute. She was having some difficulty feeding from a bottle yesterday, but last night was doing better and eating wet food. My husband and I decided to leave her with my brother for now, who kept two of her siblings. It’s been awhile since any of my family has had kittens, but because they are so young and already are without their mother, we felt it would be best for her if she could bond and learn socialization skills with her siblings before we take her home. We plan to bring her home in 1-2 weeks to introduce her to the rest of her new family!

Stay tuned for Daisy’s story!

March 21, 2010, 8:44 am
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Ablaze Dress – $149.95

The orange/red version of Tracy Reese’s Emerald Cut Dress that came out last year. The fabric is a bit thick and the dress feels very sturdy. The ruched cummerbund in the middle is a nice touch that makes the waist completely disappear. I lvoe the pleating at the bottom and how it livens up the dress. However, I’m not entirely sold on how it’s fitting on top. I wouldn’t size up or it would probably gape at the arm holes yet something doesn’t seem quite right. My husband liked it on the hanger, but once I put it on, he wasn’t so sure. I’m not wearing the best bra underneath it in the photo, but I tried the dress on again with some others at home. I brought it home, but haven’t decided what it’s fate will ultimately be. Off to the closet or back to the store?

Do you think it fits a bit odd on top?

New addition to the family!
March 20, 2010, 9:34 pm
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I realize I haven’t posted just about anything on my family but I wanted to share our new addition…

Meet Tulip!

More on her and the rest of the family later 🙂