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Tabby’s Story
May 8, 2010, 7:28 pm
Filed under: Personal

Tabby is a cat who I somewhat coaxed to follow me home one day many years ago when I was walking my dog. Since then, he’s never really left. He was tall, lanky, and very malnourished. I also assumed that he had been dumped by his previous owner because he was too friendly for a feral cat. When we first took him to the vet, my mother kept reminding me that we weren’t keeping him. Because my family already had cats named “stray 1,” “stray 2,” and so forth in our file, we decided to call him Tabby because of his breed. It because obvious very quickly that he was now part of the family. Tabby lived outside but slept in my family’s garage (we had too many pets inside and we weren’t sure of how our cats at the time would react to another cat). When I moved away from home for college, I begged my mother to let me take him. It took about a year and a half to convince her. I remember in the car with him for 6 hours on the highway. I even brought him (in his carrier) into the gas station bathroom with me because I was too afraid to leave him in the car. We ended up bonding very quickly. He’s moved around with me to about 4 different apartments, crazy roommates (and their pets – rabbits, cats, etc), and managed to stay sane during all of it. I like to think he helped me pick my husband too, considering he loved to run and around play with him whenever he would come to my apartment when we started dating. Fast forward several years later, he doesn’t play and run around with my husband or I quite like he used to. He does however run around with Daisy and has become quite fond of Tulip. While we think he might have been a bit taken back when we first brought home Daisy (as an 8-week old puppy) and Tulip (at just a couple of weeks old), he’s accepted them into his family and treats them like his little sisters. 

I think he’s quite photogenic!


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